Windows 7 VPN Connection Locks Active Directory User Account

It comes in handy at times to connect with my network at home through a secure VPN connection. I typically use this connection to access files that have been backed up or archived. Prior to upgrading my notebook PC from Windows XP Professional to Windows 7, there were no issues. A problem surfaced, however, just after the upgrade. Within seconds after establishing the VPN connection, my AD user account at work became locked. The reason for the lock: Incorrect password entered more than five times. But how could this be since all I did was establish a VPN connection? How did the upgrade to Windows 7 cause this?

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Excessive 671 (User Account Unlocked) Messages in Windows Event Log

I was recently asked to look into why so many 671 messages were being written into the Windows Event Log on the domain controllers. Most of these being done by an application that allows users to change their password when it expires or if they forget it.

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SnmpRegister Function Fails on Windows 7

Several years ago I developed an application in PowerBuilder for use on Windows 2000 machines. The application included a feature that sends SNMP requests to Cisco Access Servers and receives responses from the same. Before using the SNMP feature on a Windows 2000 computer, one had to install "Simple Network Management Protocol" under the "Management and Monitoring Tools" in the Add/Remove Windows Components dialog box. This was also true when migrating to Windows XP. When I migrated to Windows 7, the SNMP feature in my application failed when making a function call to SmnpRegister.

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Configuring Simple Dialup ISP Connection using a Cisco Access Server

With high-speed Internet connections easily available, one would wonder why someone would want to use dialup Internet Service Provider (ISP) from a Cisco access server. I have recently become involved in a project that requires a dialup connection. It took me some time to get the configuration just right, so I thought it might be beneficial to others to post the config here.

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Garmin MapSource Error - Invalid Character

Quite some time ago I received an error when using Garmin MapSource to download waypoints from a Garmin Nuvi 750 onto my PC. The message indicated that a fatal error had occurred and involved a temporary file that had been created in the %UserProfile%\Local Settings/Temp/MapSource folder. The source of the error was from XML_DOMERRORHANDLER.CPP.

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