Stackley Settlement Near Burns Kansas

by dennis

Helen Stackley compiled and published a genealogy document around 1980 of the Stackleys who settled near Burns, Kansas. I am forever grateful for her work on this document because of the work she put into creating it. According to Helen through her document, John Stockli migrated from Switzerland to Kansas. Rosa Frey, who John would later marry in 1888, also migrated from Switzerland and settled near Burns.

Follow up:

Helen's document states that when John and Rosa's children started school, the teacher changed the spelling of their name from Stockli to Stackley. Apparently this practice was fairly common in those days. Ida, John and Rosa's first child, would have started school sometime around 1894.

In researching the census records at both the federal and state levels, these folks were known by several other spellings of their surname. I would imagine poor penmanship and/or pronunciation played a role in the various spellings:

1895 Kansas Census - Stockley
1900 U.S. Census - Stuckler
1905 Kansas Census - Stokli
1910 U.S. Census - Stackley
1915 Kansas Census - Stokli
1920 U.S. Census - Stackley
1925 Kansas Census - Stockley